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Sunday, 13 February 2011

JUSTICE! Totalitarian Mubarak Deposed By Oppressed People

Following weeks of anti-government protest on the streets of Egypt, long reigning President Mubarak has finally bowed to the pressure of a justice hungry population. In recent months, political instability has rocked the region as oppressed and often hungry populations sought to depose the corrupt regimes that had tormented and mistreated them for so long.

As we have seen in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen and more recently Algeria, the people of the planet are now standing up and actively campaigning for the fundamental rights of man. We have also regrettably seen the almost inevitable hand of violence from the threatened regime. As westerners, it is important that we stand in solidarity with our justice hunting brothers and sisters living in lands where oppression is rife and hunger is real.

 In the wake of the handover of power to the Egyptian military, it is our duty to ensure peaceful stability and political freedoms by actively monitoring the situation. We must not seek to be advantageous in the light of 'revolution', but instead offer our support to the peaceful transition of democratic values for the country. A long and potentially hostile path lies between now and a free and fully democratic Egypt, but the wheels of prosperous change are well and truly in motion!

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