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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

"The Iron Lady" - A Frankly Disappointing and Unworthy Portrait

Ok I'll keep it relatively brief, after all I am by my own admission, no film buff...
Yesterday I had the privellage of attending a film at the local cinema, and my film of choice? The Iron Lady. Much hyped up on both sides of the Atlantic I'm sure, the film was graced with the presence of the multi award winning Meryl Streep. Indeed, although relatively less famous, the film was also fortunate enough to have another proven actor in the form of Jim Broadbent (whom I must say did seem to largely suceed in impressively depicting Thatcher's long suffering other half, Dennis).
 Now, I must point out that I personally have a deep rooted disfavour for the former Prime Minister upon whom the film was centred, and so it is in some form to the film's credit that it suceeded in altering some of my opinions of her. For example now I feel rather sad that she is a miserable old lady who is clearly insane and haunted by the sins and mistakes of her poltical career...
 Well actually I'm lying, just like this film is. Through the films' patronising depiction of the UK's first female Prime Minister, I instead feel pity for her, genuinely, in that before she has even passed away Hollywood is ready to swoop and trivialise both her past and present. An incohernet storytelling of her life through a number of frankly unrealistic flashbacks or psychotic episodes, is simply not adequate to tell the tale of any world leader past or presnt, especially if they have been so controversial.
 So, in summary I found the whole method of storytelling (ie through flashbacks) rather naff. Secondly, despite Meryl Streep's most admirable efforts, perhaps through prejudice, I remain whole heartedly against the idea of an American playing the role of a figure so quintessentially British (imagine a Brit playing Kennedy?!). Thirdly I found the underlying issue of the timing of the films' production (whilst she is still alive) as wholly inappropriate, whilst it's often patronisning and most probably false portrayal of Margaret Thatcher is simply poor. 
You simply cannot biopic the life of someone such as Thatcher and make it into a Hollywood blockbuster. In three words:
Sentimental, Inaccurate, Americanised.
A fine performance by Meryl Streep, but a flawed film nonetheless.


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