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Wednesday, 23 March 2011


As the arsenal of the west is unleashed against the disillusioned dictator that is "Colonel Gadaffi", one cannot help but wonder whether our supposedly good military intervention is in fact a lethal mistake. Bombing raids and other clear acts of military aggression by the usual, busy body culprits of the USA and the UK are clearly not satisfactory.
 Where was the diplomacy? Why are they so quick to effectively wage war against the oppressive regime of Libya, and not Bahrain, Iran, or Yemen? Why did US forces maim an innocent civilian youth who had come to assist the downed pilot of a crashed military jet?
 The response to the Libyan crisis was sluggish, to say the least, but now it appears ridiculous and most clearly heavy handed. I am no defendant of the tyrant that is the current Libyan leader, but neither am I supportive of bombing raids under the veil of "the establishment of a no fly zone".
However, two things are certain through all of this violent debacle;
1.Civil war is brewing in Libya
2. The people who will suffer most are the ones that the West tried to "help"......


  1. no, the ones who will suffer are the pro gaddafi forces...you should know by now that our forces make sure never to hurt civillians. If you look on the news you will see that the libyan people and rebels welcome us with open arms.

  2. In response to point one, I simply say that you are conveniently and indeed rather tragically ignoring the harsh reality. Yes, the pro Gaddafi forces will suffer, they currently face a violent bombardment from the skies, but is this morally right? Secondly, you fail to aknowledge that altough our forces may not aim to hurt civilians, in warfare innocent deaths are inevitable, look at Iraq. Thirdly, yes you may well see our state broadcaster showing images of glorious support from the Libyans but it is naeive not to take such reporting without thinking about the wider picture. Do they ever mention civilian deaths or report on the (very real) possibility of it turning into a long and bloody civil war? No. BBC News is funded by the government, so they are hardly going to offend the hand that feeds it.

  3. you seem to be very cynical. Who's to say that getting rid of Gadaffi is a good thing? Couldn't we merely be exchanging one opressive regime for another?

  4. http://i.imgur.com/jAUBU.jpg

    Sums up Libya rather nicely, wouldn't you agree?

  5. Hi JusticeHunter, sorry to leave an unrelated comment, but I couldn’t find any contact info for you. I’m wondering if you’d be interested in having a guest post on your site. I'd love to hear your thoughts on some ideas I could pitch to you! Thanks, Emily

  6. Sorry for the late reply emilymatthews, WesternJustice blog is back in action! Sure if your still interested in doing a guest post, let me know what kind of article subject matter you'd be interested in and I'll let you know (a lot quicker this time!)

  7. The points discussed in this post are very true. I am really not able to predict who will suffer the most. All i can say is some thing has to be done to save the people.


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